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Datum: 13. března 2004 3:39
Předmět: News out of Spain

In Spain, many people are angry with thw words of the international News' services.
As we can read here, and in most places, like CNN or MSNBC zpravy.idnes.cz

They talk About ETA as a Separatist organization.
ETA can be separatist, but also can be small, big, made of people, modern, or old... All are valid adjectives. BUT the most important thing that ETA is , is TERRORIST group.
100% people here call ETA a Terrorist group, Basque country has a incredible independence level, and ETA has been killing since 1975.
In the other side, when they speak about Al-qaeda, they speak about terrorists, with no doubt... Why CNN doesn't say that Al-qaeda is a arab group... Per example... Or a Religious group... No. They say a TERRORIST group. But ETA is Separatist before Terrorist.... oh my god...
This is product of the info given by Associated Press, and bad journalists...
The Times, from first time speak of ETA like a Terrorist group, and also "Le corriere"....


Euskadi ta Askatasuna (ETA) is fighting for an independent Basque state in northern Spain and southwestern France.
Perhaps I have not explained very well, but this is a theme of many newspapers today, and also was said by the exterior minister Ana de Palacio.
You must know that ETA are before KILLERS than separatists.... CNN & MSNBC doesnt help to see the truth.
To see details and Truth (if you like)

Here are tons of graphics, and photos.

Interactive graphic diagrams (easy to understand without learn spanish):

And more truth than real sound.... (is a hard to hear file) (recorded in a automatic answering machine, before exploding the two bombs of Atocha, some seconds after exploding the first)

We live a deep pain in Spain, and we want all people should know a message near to truth. Although the images and sounds, are hard... (sorry)

Datum: 13. března 2004 2:44
Předmět: The Day of the broken umbrellas

I told you my personal experience of today...
I feel like a "war journalist", giving info, that you publish with a lot of love....
Today I went to the meeting (protest). It has been a really incredible BIG meeting.
Czech news don't say numbers but news in Spain says about 2.3 to 2.5 Millon people, in Madrid, and 11.5 Million in all Spain.
In Galician city of Lugo, the police calculate 400.000 people that is really near the total population.

In spain we are 45Million people. And in Madrid Area about 5Million. This means that about 50% of People in Madrid Area (100x70Km) went to the protest.

Now I will tell my own experience of today...

I have lived it from my owm perspective. I had to met with some friends, but I was unable to reach center of the city at time. There was a great infrastructure of communications, but Trains that travel from out madrid to in were plenty of People. Road transportation was impossible...
All the subway stations around the zone of the meeting (protest) were closed because there was impossible for people to go out from the trains to the street. because the street were absolutely FULL. To avoid bigger problems, the stations were closed, and the trains stopped only in more far stations.
The train I went, was really Full. And the railway collapse as there was impossible to interchange passangers in the stations. We were in a tunnel, with hundred of people in the train (impossible to see the floor) 20 minutes stopped, waiting for liberating PHISICAL space on the stations. The wait were tense, and people have even difficult to breath.. some people went nervous and tried to open the doors in the tunnel, and each time the train adance some meters people clapped their hands of happiness.
When I reached to Tribunal subway station 30 minutes later than expected, it take me more than 20min additional to reach surface. We went up the stairs very slowly and many people were exhausted by lack of fresh air. The condensation were brutal, and the walls of the station were wet of people breathe.
When I reach street, there were 1hour after my meeting time, and I had to walk even more to reach meeting point with my friends. The mobile telephone calls were impossible. All people around were trying to call, but the system was over-saturated. We are talking about one mobile phone per square meter. Is impossible to make work a network with so density...
It was incredible, Madrid were taken by people walking. No cars. People over the roads in the streets, and only emergency cars and ambulances drive on the streets.
We were at more than 1Km from the Protest path, and was difficult to walk on the streets. And all this concentratioon of people, in a day with a continuous and serious rain... So all people were wet, or taking umbrellas: (www.elmundo.es/fotografia/2004/03/atentados/paraguas1.html)
I take some secondary streets, that have much less people. I walked by middle of the streets, the city were OURS. We could walk by everywhere... I walked under my umbrella in silence seeing how the lights were reflected by the water in the street... Stalker went to my mind...
When I arrived the meeting poitn with my friends, there were impossible to find anyone. The Square of "Alonso Martinez" was absolutely full. The umbrellas were really dangerous because the wires were very near the eyes of another people. There were so many umbrellas, that I closed mine, and I could walk under a sea of umbrellas of other people.
I feel really claustrophobic, and I think that if I enter in this sea of people, it will be difficult to go out easily, so I take a parallel way to the official path, all of you had seen on TV.
Triugh some streets I was able to see the main path, plenty of people, and people going out of the "river"(of people), and saying things like "we take 30minutes" to reach this point....
I arrived one of the most known points of Madrid, the corner of la "Gran Via" (Main Way). A point very famous that was painted by our lovely painter (Antonio Lopez, the painter hommaged by Victor Erice, in the Quince Tree Sun www.encadenados.org/n27/images/SOL%20MEMBRILLO.jpg), see here the place that painted Antonio Lopez: usuarios.lycos.es/kalcaran/hpbimg/lopez3gran%20via.jpg

Can you imagine the place of the photo, full of people?

In a film-like magic moment, a ambulance bell sounded, I look at the street and were an ambulance opening his way thanks to two polices on horses... Like Moses in the red sea, the people opened a path, and the yellow ambulance passed by... An journalist of Mexican TV-Azteca was there and I want to have a camera to take the image of the ambulance opening a way thanks to both beautiful white horses... To my mind came Andrei Rublev, and I feel in a post-modern slide.
I continue my walk (I think I have walked several Km) by secondary streets, and I discovered one of the most shocking images of the meeting... The city were full of abandoned broken umbrellas.
Many of the people who went out the protest, due of overcrowd broke their umbrellas because of so many umbrellas over the heads, and leave them on the streets. The trash recipients, were full of umbrellas with incredible out of form. I wanted to take a camera to shoot at all this art pieces of the situation. Wet umbrellas in the middle of the streets free of cars. Black, color, and squared umbrellas. Big ones, and small ones... all type, were sacrificated by a desire of peace and anti-terrorist feel.
I counted 42 umbrellas abandoned over the streets of Madrid.
I walked 3 hours alone because I were unable to find my friends... but I were always with people around me... Not some people, not hundreds of people... not thousands.... MILLIONS.
A curious feeling of loneliness and time to think.... in the sacrifice of the umbrellas. An alternative view to CNN-News-TVs.
Madrid, in the day after.... The day of the broken umbrellas....

13-March-2004 2:34AM

(B&W Photo attached is (hard) copyright of John Rosenthal www.johnrosenthal.com/)
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