Preparation for František Vláčil's MARKETA LAZAROVÁ
DVD in Czech Republic

The visitors o and know about the appeal for DVD publishing of František Vláčil's MARKETA LAZAROVÁ (1967) in Czech Republic. The initiators of this appeal thank all about 1,500 signators, including about 500 from all over the world. Their number is still growing up every day...

Our visitors also know MARKETA LAZAROVÁ – DVD british edition that will be issued by Second Run. There were also negotiations among the appeal initiators, firm Bonton and National Film Archive in Prague about film version from the original negative.

Some important questions are not still answered but the first step was done. That is the test film version from one reel of the original negative (ca 10 minutes) to the digital format in high definition (system 2K) and than its comparison with the version that was made from positive copy. This version was made by Mr. Luděk Hudec, in Czech Republic wellknown DVD version maker after his DVD version of THE BED (DVD 2005, directed in 1998 by Oskar Reif). He made this test version in the same way like THE BED. That means not only in 2K, but also in original widescreen 2.35:1 and with the same technical equipments.

And so we saw our favourite film with new eyes: all contrasts, drawen up details, unbelievable valeurs of black and grey colour, spatial depth of the picture. Behind that the positive copy film version is uncomparable.

Here you can see the gallery of the screenshots with my four notes:

1. The picture field will be for the final film version tuned up.
2. The pictures here are without definitive clearing.
3. You must see the pictures in the move. Than there is another atmosphere,
   of course.
4. TOP picture = copy from film positiv; BOTTOM picture = copy from original

translation and arrangement from Czech original: Miloš Fryš

gallery of the screenshots (with Czech notes) >>>

[na publikováno 2. 5. 2006]

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